I am shocked at your lamentations

How you protest when you’re exposed

How you cry when you’re poked

Squeal like a pig under the pain

And break down into a mess when you’re kicked around like trash


I felt particularly good today

Hope and peace surround me

I am highly favoured and blessed

God waters my seeds and blesses the work of my hands

He has dispersed the darkness with new light

And to new worlds my heart takes flight

There is nowhere I have never been

And nothing I will never become

I have been sober

And I have been a drunkard

I have given

And mercilessly I have taken

I am all things good and bad

I have spoken with the tongues of angels

With the perversion of Satan, I have also been heard

Cold like ice

And warm like a heart oozing lava

I am a lover and a friend

I am a hater and a foe

There is nobody I have never been

I have been you in your self-righteousness

And I have been you in your psychosis

I have known all filth and all perfection

I love deeply

And hate profoundly

I have been lost

And many times, found

Many times, I have died

And many times, risen

I am the sunshine by day

And by night I am the darkness

I am pain and I am sorrow

I can be joy and I can be laughter

I am just like you


Starring into the darkness

I dream of you during my night watches

Nightmares screaming through my bones

Your limp body

Your perfect flesh

Your endearing skin

Scattered all over the highway

My eyes drowning in your blood

The smell so surreal

I cannot fathom

Another night of sleep


Oh she snapped

The day she put his light out

Yanked the heart from his cage

He wallowed

They said that day would never come

And stalked her still

But the day came

And she snapped

She laughed

They couldn’t stop her

She killed their children

And they laughed


‘The more you hurt
The more I love you
I want to kiss your gashing wounds
And dive into the flesh
That makes you weep

Burn with no saving grace
Your pain and sorrow my daily bread
Your tears a coolant to the fires that burn my soul
Just like a waterfall on a hot summer’s day
Weep my love, I pray thee
Weep sore
And melt away the thorns
That hold your place in my heart

© TheSoulWell