When you die

Let my heart bleed to its end

Burn through my ribs and leave a gape

Let my tears burn my bone to ash

And my ash scatter with the wind

Piece by piece each piece parted

Let my essence never reunite and the pieces of me lose their way forever

And every memory of me wiped away

And the existence of me never there to remember



Drowned to the bottom of the the sea

Soul captured you went into the grave

My Soul climbed into the soul of the grave

And lived as death

And though I feel I must write, I lack the words

When I stand to fight, there lives no fight in me no more

Not for weakness, but for power

To escape death

And searching deep to arouse the pain that was

I feel little

I remember of my death when you died

No one cared

My grief vexed them

I was what the world said about them

If it all broke and my shining star fell

Nobody saw my rage

I hit the floor

But as I rise

I feel the buoyancy of the leaf

Memory as thin

Having robbed the grave

Of its power

The guilt of being happy

Consumes me the most

So scared to forget as memory wears down thin

But more scared to remember,

I wish to live

The Legend of Anabella

Alarm goes off in my head
And I shut the windows
And the dark shades
Ain’t it a shame to be lonely
Anni barks and I pass her dinner across the floor
As Bob Marley rhymes in the background
Another day passed and it’s just me and Anni
Anni died one day
All the bad dogs got her
And infected her with their slime
Amazingly along came another
Anabella was a short beady eyed brunette with rosy cheeks and a dreamy face
All the demons chased me down one day
And she found me dying
About to be devoured dead
And all the the light she had she gave to me
Away they went and left us alone
Adam was her son
Already I loved him, he reminded me of my daughter when he smiled
Anabella healed me up
And I went with her wherever she was going


The haunted mansion

Only one left alone

The wood makes cracking sounds

And the spooky figures peek at you

The eerie screams of the dead

And the shrieking ghost bats fill the spaces with fear

Never to return is innocence in the war for survival

Friend turns to foe

Inching in from all around

All for a piece of broken soul

All around they come to dismember the deserving outcast

The dead scream and mock

Gone crazy when banging doors jump your bones

As dark hollow passages make hissing sounds

But this is home now

The walls must go higher

Barricades unbreakable

Windows darkened

And hearts shut down

All unwelcome

In the haunted mansion

Searching for you

With every breath I take

Every key stroke

Everywhere I look

I’m searching for you

In every website

Every story ever written 

Every face

Every post, picture, poem

In all the words out of my mouth

In all the girls

All the boys

I’m hanging by mere thread

Waiting for you

To say I am beautiful

I am good enough to exist

If I should move or dance

Every tear I cry belongs to you

All my living days

I’m waiting for you

To tell me how I’m doing in your eyes

So you can say

I may breathe now

And await you to take my next breath