There is no friend like you

You carry my mountains


Mocked about me




My fire

I began to catch an old fire
Fear’s woes dissipating
Young, blessed and proud
My day had come
Loneliness’ moment served up to yesterday
Boldly, a smile
My best days approaching
It was me, myself
Summoned by freedom’s call
A watermelon daiquiri please!

I wanted to be a pilot

And a doctor

Sometimes a journo

Maybe a doctor

I was smart

Top of my game

I believed in things

People, surely wanted in

Big dreams and world changin thoughts

Charmed by faith and dazzled by hope

Liked this place

It wasn’t such a big old fuss

SaidĀ  what I needed and got what I wanted too

Now it’s so damnĀ  fussed up you trip if if…

You say two words at the same time

But still

Gonna do my big ass up in the sky dreamy crazy thing

Ain’t dead yet

And hope is still free

Just try

It’s a beautiful thing

It’s a beautiful thing

I stood at the banks of the earth
Overlooking the horizons of the universe
The carpet of stars shining on my face
And I wondered which way I should go
My freedom not lacking
And my faith stronger than yesterday
The miracle of life whispered to me and said,
You can go any which way you way you please
Take the first step
All of it is for you