Today was a good day
I had contact with children
Someone wanted me to come close to theirs
We played, ate and fought
My blind dog by my side
Some game with oranges
Hated it but glad to be in it
Head climbing and complicated bathing
Lots of talking and many surprises
A play date for unsocialised adults
Dog played along
Senses like sight
All the while I smile
Happy babysitting


if ever

you should be dead

and you are not


there’s something to live for

if ever you should never smile

but you do


joy does exists


if ever you should never love again


you think you could



there is still love

even for the hopeless

If we were monsters
We would not feel
If we could not feel we would not be human
And if we wer’re not human then what are we?

If we were friends

We would not fuck each other in the ass, everyday

if we were lovers we would touch

And if we do not touch

Then could we be lovers?

To you

To you my love

Wherever you are

May the good Lord keep you

Give you peace when you rest

And bless the work of your hands

I wish you joy and happiness

May he keep your health

And that of those near to you

I wish that you prosper

And may all your dreams come true

I will think of you always